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Use the Bathroom As Much As You Can Before You Take the Test

If you urinate as much as you can before the test, you stand a better chance of flushing out a lot of the drug metabolites. Drink lots of water that morning and pee as much as you can before taking the test. You can help yourself by taking some kind of diuretic.

This will help you urinate more. Natural diuretics include tea, cranberry juice and coffee. The stronger types are only available with prescriptions. Drug metabolites have the tendency to build up in your system while you are sleeping, so the highest concentration of the day will be the first urination. Use the bathroom before you take the test, and then drink extra fluids (especially water) so you have a better chance at diluted urine. As long as you aren’t being watched, be sure to urinate in the toilet before the sample cup because there are more metabolites in the initial stream.

Substituting Urine

Don’t do this unless you have no other choice, because if you are caught you could be severely penalized, and it is a lot harder than it sounds. It is possible to buy fake urine or to get a clean donor. The hardest part is making sure that it has the right temperature for analysis (between 91 and 97 F), and then managing to get it into the testing center. It is possible to obtain kits for both the synthetic urine and the equipment you will need to keep it at the standard temperature. Check either in smoke shops or online. If you are going to use synthetic urine, make sure it has uric acid in it.

Because it passes most tests, this is the trip up line investigators are looking for. Also make sure that it has a smell (lack of scent is suspicious). It cannot be overstated how important it is that you keep it at the right temperature. If it is too cold or too hot, it screams tampered test. If you choose the donor route, keep in mind that that is even more risky because you don’t know what is in their system. However, you can test it with test strips that are available at drugstores and smoke shops. Be certain that the sample is used within 48 hours, otherwise the color becomes dark and the pH levels will change.


Delay As Much As You Can The longer you can delay taking the test, the better chance you have at passing it. Most drugs can no longer be traced after a few hours, although some can stain in the bloodstream for three days or more. No matter what type of drug you have taken, your chances are much greater if you can delay taking the test for a day or more.

If there is no way to put off your saliva test, there is a slight chance you can trick it into passing, although it is far from guaranteed to work. Use this resource to detox from weed so you don’t have to worry about a drug test. As long as you are giving yourself the test, rub the swab against your teeth instead of between the gum and lower cheek. After that bite on it between your molars during the two minutes you are supposed to be holding it between your cheek and gums. It is worth a shot. You can’t really manipulate the results of a blood test because someone else will be drawing your blood and taking it to be tested.


Their isn’t much you can do to mess with a hair test because someone is cutting it for you. However, if you shave and have no hair to take, then you might get to request a test that will be easier for you to pass. This will only work if the people doing the testing have never met you and you didn’t already agree to a hair sample. Make sure you get all parts of your body that have longer hairs. It is essential that you make up a good reason for having your hair shaved.

Some plausible stories are that your hair has started to thin, or you just wanted a new look. Don’t invent serious medical conditions such as cancer. This will create long-term complications. Hair samples only need to be an inch long in order to be viable, so pretend that you are a swimmer and get a full body wax.

Get Out of It

Since hair, blood and saliva tests are notoriously difficult to tamper with, the best way to go is to see if you can push the issue and get out of it entirely. Try demanding a urine test if you are confident you can pass it. You can just explain that you think it is less invasive than other tests. When all else fails, exercise your rights. Sometimes the person giving you the test may not have the right to do so. Know the drug laws within your state and employer policies regarding drug testing. Find the loophole to get out of taking the test, or at least try to get it delayed.…

Drug Test Tips

The mouth swab test can detect a drug that has been used within the last four hours, which is not the case with a urine screen. The sublingual saliva tests can detect the parent compounds of the drug, not the metabolites. This delivers a more accurate read for the amount of that drug in the body. This test can detect the amount of the substance that is currently in the body.…